Bean Headquarters, nicknamed “BNHQ” is our flag ship store located at the Samoa National Provident Fund (SNPF) Plaza on Beach Road. Located opposite the Samoa flea market and next door to Digicel main store, it is a great spot to park after shopping to refresh and reorganize yourself and a good spot for people watching before you venture off again.

Our specialized menu works well with the cool, relaxing, atmosphere that BNHQ provides. Check our Menu for foods that will wake up the taste buds and fill the growling stomach.


  • Eggs & Toast Scrambled, sunny side up, over easy or poached
  • BNHQ Brekkie: 2 eggs w crispy bacon, sausage, grilled eggplant, potato, pumpkin, tomatoes & mushroom
  • BNHQ Omelettes
    1) Grilled Veggies & Cheese
    2) Ham, Tomato, Onion & Cheese
    3) Meat Lovers-Bacon, Ham, Sausage & Cheese
  • Toasted Homemade Crumpets topped w Coconut jam & whipped Cream
  • Waffles w misiluki , syrup & whipped cream
  • BNHQ Porridge w side of cream/milk & honey
  • Crepes
    1) Sweet: Caramelized bananas w whipped cream
    2) Savory: Egg, Ham & Cheese
  • Brekkie Sides: Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Egg, Fried Onions

  • Grilled veggie salad w balsamic dressing
  • Smoked Sausage & Seafood Potato Salad on Mesculun
  • Chicken & Papaya Green Salad topped w a poached egg
  • Prawn, bacon, avocado & mango (when in season) Salad w citrus dressing
  • Sandwiches

  • Toasted Sandwiches (Any choice of 3 fillings)
    Ham, tomato, cheese, onion, creamed corn, pineapple
  • Antipasto Open Baguette
    Basil pesto, chargrilled eggplant, tomato, onion & chicken topped w Grilled Cheese
  • BLT Open Baguette topped w Grilled Cheese
  • Grilled steak & Salad baguette/ sandwich w yoghurt dressing
    Soup of the Day w grilled cheese toasty
    Pasta/Noodle Dishes

  • “The Bean” Lasagna with Salad & grilled bread
  • BNHQ Beef & Peanut Hot Noodles Home-made
  • Sweet Stuff

  • The Bean Choc Cake, slices, muffins
  • Carrot Cake
  • Homemade Cookies
  • BNHQ Banana Split: Banana, vanilla ice cream, Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, topped with peanuts
  • Extra’s: Scoop Ice-cream, cream

Please note: Ingredients may not always be available and will be substituted with the next best ingredient. Credit Card payments: 5% surcharge will apply.

    Hot Drinks

  • FWhite, Capp, Latte, Long Blk, Mocha, Chai latte,Hot choc
  • Extras: Soy, Decaf, Extra Milk, Coffee Syrups
  • Bell Tea Original
  • “Live” Loose Leaf Tea
    Cold Drinks

  • Frappes: Choc, Mocha, Coffee & Smoothies
  • Refreshing Homemade Lemongrass & Lemon
  • Glass of Juice: Pineapple, Orange, Berry
  • Canned Drinks
  • Bottled Water

Coffee at the Plaza

  • Friendly service with a SMILE!!!
    Bean Headquarters

    Friendly service with a SMILE!!!

  • Satay chicken Kebabs with fluffy rice and an healthy side salad
    BNHQ special

    Satay chicken Kebabs with fluffy rice and an healthy side salad

  • The weather is PERFECT for thisss!
    Banana split

    The weather is PERFECT for thisss!

  • Check it out

    Check it out

  • Ariane Stevenson, thank you for being a great customer of BNHQ
    Independence Day Draw Winner

    Ariane Stevenson, thank you for being a great customer of BNHQ