Bean Central

Bean Central Cafe located at the Leung Wai Arcade, Saleufi is a unique location right in the heart of Apia. It is a caravan which is an open setup with outdoor seating only. It is within walking distance of the main shopping areas and it’s a great location to stop and have a break, have a quick bite, a refreshing drink or a cup of coffee.

Our smiling Bean Team will serve you with our yummy, mouth-watering, menu.

See below for your choice of great tasty foods only from Bean Central.


  • Eggs with toast (fried poached/scrambled)
    Add on: Bacon, sausage, & fried tomato
  • Seasonal fruit salad with homemade yoghurt
  • Homemade toasted muesli with yoghurt and milk
  • Breakfast salad with crispy bacon, a poached egg and ranch dressing
  • Eggs bread and bacon toasty
  • French toast, chocolate banana Sammy
  • Bacon and lettuce club sandwich
  • Chicken noodle salad with a honey and soy dressing
  • Pesto and crispy bacon pasta salad
  • Roasted pumpkin, egg plant salad with cous cous (pasta)
  • Marinated chicken salad with mixed salad greens and coconut dressing
  • Toasted Sandwiches: 3 fillings
    Extra: ham, tomato, creamy sweet corn, egg, pineapple, onion, cheese, chicken, bacon
  • Selection

  • Tuna, mayo, lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad mix
  • Poached chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad mix
  • Ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad mix and chow chow
  • Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad mix
  • **Avocado used when in season
  • New York Subs

  • Roast beef with melted onions, homemade slaw, mustard, mayo, gravy, & chutney
  • Roasted chicken with pesto, homemade slaw, gravy & chutney
  • Pulled Pork with glazed apple, homemade slaw, fried onions, gravy & chutney
  • The Bean Dog spiced sausage, homemade slaw, and mustard & tomato sauce finished with glazed onions
  • Bean Burger: gourmet burger with beef or marinated chicken, lettuce, cheese, bacon, & finished witha fried egg
    Hot Drinks

  • FWhite, Capp, Latte, Long Blk, Mocha, Chai latte,Hot choc
  • Extras: Soy, Decaf, Extra Milk, Coffee Syrups
  • Bell Tea Original
  • “Live” Loose Leaf Tea
    Cold DrinksFrappes: Choc, Mocha, Coffee & Smoothies
  • Refreshing Homemade Lemongrass & Lemon
  • Glass of Juice: Pineapple, Orange, Berry
  • Canned Drinks
  • Bottled Water

Coffee at Saleufi

  • Giant burgers
    Central Bean

    Giant burgers

  • Coffee Art
  • Always fresh at Bean Central
  • New York Subs
    Bean Central special

    New York Subs